A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A university student project made over about 16 weeks by 5 people. Joust was the inspiration and jumping off point for where this game and we hope it is very evident. However, this game was made to be faster and control better than the inspiration. Please, enjoy the leaps through time, battling different foes in order to save each era... In a DeLorean, of course.

Created by:

Alexander Hoskins

Kayla Garand

Rowan Jones

James Countryman

Chris Hricik

Install instructions

Extract the two files (an exe and a data folder) inside the ZIP named "Time Tilt_Data" into a folder, make sure they're together.

Then run the .exe. A window should appear giving options for Resolution, Graphics Quality, Select Monitor(if applicable), and a check box for Windowed.

The game is recommended to be played in 1920x1080 and be windowed.

For mac users, please be sure to download the "Time Tilt.app.zip" folder


Time Tilt_Data.zip 57 MB
Time Tilt.app.zip 59 MB

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